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3.1 Readout electronics & signal processing II



Pulse pile-up does not have to ruin everything: using microcalorimeters at high count rate FOWLER Joseph
4 Kelvin cryogenic characterization of commercial pHEMT transistors at 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz range IBARRA-MEDEL Eduardo
A front-end electronics for MKID-array readout towards observation of CMB polarization ISHITSUKA Hikaru
Development of Frequency Sweeping Readout System for Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors KARATSU Kenichi
In Focal Plane Multiplexing Circuitry for Next-Generation Arrays
Planar Lithographed Superconducting LC Resonators for Frequency-Domain Multiplexed Readout Systems ROTERMUND Kaja
Development of Frequency-Division Multiplexing Readout System for Large-Format TES X-Ray Microcalorimeter Arrays SAKAI Kazuhiro
World’s cheapest readout electronics for kinetic inductance detector by using RedPitaya TOMITA Nozomu
Superconducting strip ion detectors (SSIDs) with single flux quantum based time-to-digital converters (SFQ TDCs) for time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF MS) ZEN Nobuyuki

3.2 Mm-wave devices at low temperature


Multi-chroic Antenna-array coupled TES bolometers for CMB polarimetry OBRIENT Roger
Dual-Band High-Frequency Microwave Polarimeters for Advanced ACTPol AUSTERMANN Jason
Development of lumped element kinetic inductance detectors for the W-Band PAIELLA Alessandro
Advanced ACTPol Multichroic Horn-Coupled Polarimeter Array Fabrication on 150 mm Wafers DUFF Shannon &
Multi-mode TES chip optimization for the LSPE-SWIPE instrument GUALTIERI Riccardo
Laboratory Characterization of SuperSpec HAILEY-DUNSHEATH Steven
Characterization of the first multichroic polarimeter array on the Atacama Cosmology Telescope HO Shuay-Pwu Patty
Radiation Tolerance of Al Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector KARATSU Kenichi
Demonstration and Characterization of μ-Spec: An Integrated Photonic Spectrometer for Submillimeter Astrophysics in Space NOROOZIAN Omid
Direct machined broadband corrugated horn array for millimeter observations SEKIGUCHI Shigeyuki
Recent results from SuperSpec, a KID-based on-chip spectrometer for mm-wavelength astronomy. SHIROKOFF Erik
The broadband anti-reflection coated extended hemispherical silicon lenses for Polarbear-2 experiment. SIRITANASAK Praween
Traveling-Wave Kinetic Inductance Amplifier using 3 wave mixing VISSERS Michael



Superconducting coplanar switch and phase shifter for CMB applications BORDIER Guillaume

3.3 Cryogenics for LTDs


Progress on 1 Kelvin General-purpose Refrigeration employing Superconducting Tunnel Junctions ZHANG Xiaohang


Easycool : a two-stages continuous ADR refrigerator for LTD applications CAMUS Philippe
Performance improvements of our compact adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator for TES microcalorimeter operation HISHI Ukyo
Development of 2 - 0.05K class gas-gap heat switch with low off conductance HOSHINO Akio
High energy cosmic ray showers and their effects on sub-Kelvin stage in space experiments MINIUSSI Antoine

3.4 Fabrication techniques


Optical lithography of WSix superconducting nanowire single photon detectors BEYER Andrew
FDM read out assembly with flexible, superconducting connection to cryogenic kilo-pixel TES detectors BRUIJN Marcel
Fabrication of transition edge sensor microcalorimeters for x-ray focal planes CHERVENAK James
Uniform non-stoichiometric titanium nitride thin films for improved kinetic inductance detector array COIFFARD Grégoire
Feedhorn-Coupled Transition Edge Sensor Arrays for Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization DENIS Kevin
Microfabrication technology for large LEKID arrays: from NIKA2 to future applications GOUPY Johannes
Study of the fabricating multilayer absorber with the aim of improving detection efficiency of TES X-ray micro calorimeter array HAYASHI Tasuku
Kinematic mounting of stackable multi-layer large format low temperature arrays MOSELEY Samuel
Composite Reflective/Absorptive IR-Blocking Filters on Metamaterial Anti-reflection Coated Silicon MUNSON Charles
Development of NTD Ge Sensors for Superconducting Bolometer NANAL Vandana
NTD-Ge development in the LUMINEU project for Rare Events searches with cryogenic detectors NAVICK Xavier-François
Advanced ACTPol detector-readout interface: High-density superconducting cable fabrication process and array assembly techniques PAPPAS Christine
Microfabrication of Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters SCHÖTZ Christian
Fabrication of Neganov-Luke Amplified Cryogenic Light Detectors with Silicon Light Absorbers for Rare Event Search Experiments WILLERS Michael


Superconducting Pathways Through Kilopixel Backshort-Under-Grid Arrays JHABVALA Christine

3.5 Applications & outreach


Commercial Release of a Ta-based Superconducting Tunnel Junction X-Ray Detector for Synchrotron Science CARPENTER Matthew H
An X-ray TES detector head for high-precision composition analysis KENICHIRO Nagayoshi
Above-ground measurements of CaMoO4 crystal detectors using metallic magnetic calorimeters KIM Geon-Bo
Monitoring system for atmospheric water vapor with a ground-based multi-band radiometer — an application of radio astronomy technologies into meteorology NAGASAKI Taketo
New application stages of superconducting tunnel junctions in scientific instrumentation OHKUBO Masataka
Precision measurement of nuclear recoil ionization yields for low mass wimp searches SAAB Tarek
The LUCIFER project - current status and perspectives SCHÄFFNER Karoline


Performance study and discovery potential of alkali halide scintillating bolometers for dark matter search KAROLINE Schäffner



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