Detection Techniques & Readout

2.1 Microcalorimeters, bolometers, pair-breaking detectors


Nanocomposite Absorbers, Energy Conversion, and Nuclear Decay Energy Spectroscopy in Microcalorimeters CROCE Mark
Characterization of the first multichroic polarimeter array on the Atacama Cosmology Telescope HO Shuay-Pwu Patty
Performance of Transition-edge sensor X-ray micro-calorimeters optimized for energies below 2 keV LEE S.-J.
Imaging Charge transport in Ge and Si Crystals MOFFATT Robert
Advanced ACTPol Multichroic Horn-Coupled Polarimeter Array Fabrication on 150 mm Wafers DUFF Shannon &


On the absorber thickness of microcalorimetric detectors in experiments at nuclear storage rings ANDRIANOV Victor
Optical Characterization of ultra-low NEP TES bolometers with high optical efficiency in the 5—9 THz range AUDLEY Michael
Measurement of the heat capacity of Ho implanted Au film for the HOLMES experiment CERIALE Valentina
SIS Detectors for Terahertz Photon Counting System EZAWA Hajime
Microfabricated Thick Proximity Bi-layers as Sensors for Magnetic Penetration Thermometers (MPTs) GEIST Jeschua
Temporal gain correction for x-ray calorimeter spectrometers PORTER Frederick


2.2 Macrobolometers


Voltage-assisted calorimetric detection of gamma interactions in cryogenic coplanar grid germanium detectors for dark matter search BRONIATOWSKI Alexandre
A Radio For Hidden Photon Dark Matter CHAUDHURI Saptarshi
A large area light detector for scintillators in Rare Event Searches developed in the LUMINEU context GRAY David


Algorithms for identification of nearly-coincident events in calorimetric sensors ALPERT Bradley
Optimizing cryogenic detector configurations for low-mass WIMP searches ARNAUD Quentin
Characterization and optimization of EDELWEISS-III FID800 heat sensors BILLARD Julien
Pulse Shape Analysis of scintillation signals in CaMoO4 low temperature scintillating calorimeters CHOI JUNHO
Position dependence analysis in phonon-based detectors KIM Inwook
SiM-X: Silicon microcalorimeters for high-precision X-ray spectroscopy of highly-charged heavy ions at FAIR KRAFT-BERMUTH Saskia
Development of Integrated Magnetic Microcalorimeters for Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy LE Linh
High count-rate study of transition-edge sensor X-ray microcalorimeters LEE S.-J.
Resistive Behaviorsof a superconductingNbNhot electron bolometer in a magnetic field MIAO Wei
Development of superconducting magnetic heat switches for an Ideal Integrating Bolometer NAGLER Peter
Development of tensioned ion-implanted silicon absorber wires for large-area multimode bolometers NAGLER Peter
Charge Trapping and Impact Ionization in CDMS Detectors PHIPPS Arran
Systematic vibration studies on a cryogen-free ^3He/^4He dilution refrigerator for X-ray spectroscopy at storage rings SCHOLZ Pascal
Development of Octave-band Planar Ortho-Mode Transducer with MKID for CMB B-mode Observations SHU Shibo
Development of kilo-pixel arrays of transition-edge sensors for x-ray spectroscopy applications SMITH Stephen
Development of the Next Generation of Multi-chroic Antenna Coupled Transition Edge Sensor Detectors for CMB Polarimetry WESTBROOK Benjamin
Technique for Recovering Pile-up Events from Microcalorimeter Data WULF Dallas

2.3 Magnetic calorimeters


Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters FLEISCHMANN Andreas
Direct Detection of Pu-242 with a Metallic Magnetic Calorimeter Gamma-Ray Detector FRIEDRICH Stephan


Study on the lattice damage effect in high-resolution alpha spectrometers using metallic magnetic calorimeters KIM So-Ra
Development of Metallic magnetic calorimeters with a critical temperature switch KIM So-Ra


2.4 Readout electronics & signal processing I



The development of frequency domain multiplexing readout of TES-based X-ray microcalorimeters for Athena AKAMATSU HIROKI
Time-division and code-division SQUID multiplexers for TES microcalorimeter arrays: the analog readout chain DORIESE W. Bertrand (Randy)
Development of readout electronics for POLARBEAR-2 Cosmic Microwave Background experiment HATTORI Kaori
Readout of a 160 pixel FDM system for SAFARI TES arrays HIJMERING Richard
dc-SQUIDs and SQUID based multiplexers for the readout of metallic magnetic calorimeters KEMPF Sebastian
Kinetic Inductance Parametric Up-Converter KHER Aditya
Modern microwave SQUID multiplexers with scalable readout MATES John (Ben)
The yTron: A nanoscale superconducting 3-terminal device for inline readout of superconducting currents MCCAUGHAN Adam
Superconducting Parametric Amplifiers for 100-300GHz applications OBRIENT Roger
A 1:128 multiplexing rate Time Domain SQUID Multiplexer PRÊLE Damien
Scaling Up the Readout for Ultraviolet, Optical, and Near-IR Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors to 10 Kilopixels STRADER Matthew J.
HEMTs for deep cryogenic high-impedance and low-frequency readout electronics JIN Yong


Progress Toward Improving Analysis of TES X-ray Data Using Principal Component Analysis BANDLER Simon
HEMT and SiGe readout ASICs for amplification and multiplexing at very low temperature of high impedance sensors : new results and performances DE LA BROÏSE Xavier
dc-SQUIDs for the readout of metallic magnetic calorimeters FERRING Anna
Electronics development for the readout of microwave SQUID multiplexers GARD Johnathon D.
Novel analysis techniques to address systematic resolution degradation in multiplexed arrays of transition-edge x-ray sensors JOE Young Il
Characterization of Niobium Nitride Resonators at 0.1 K in Microwave SQUID Multiplexers for Readout of Transition Edge Sensors and Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters KOHJIRO Satoshi
A demonstration of cryogenic trans-impedance ampli-er using fully-depleted silicon- on-insulator CMOS operational ampli-er for far-infrared image sensor NAGASE Koichi
Towards a 100eV, T=4K HEMT-Based Charge Amplifier for Ionization Readout of CDMS Detectors PHIPPS Arran
High Speed Readout Electronics for Time and Code Division Multiplexing Applications: Critical Developments for Operation at 6.25 MHz Switching Rates REINTSEMA Carl
Kintex-7 FGPA board for FDM scheme readout for superconducting mm-wavelength detectors VENTURA-GONZALEZ Salvador
Test bench for the study of the noise of HEMTs at temperatures down to 300mK TORRES Lidia
High Density, Low Heat Load Superconducting Flex Cables for Cryogenic Microwave Readouts WALTER Alex B.
Microwave SQUID multiplexer read-out of large MMC detector arrays WEGNER Mathias
Processing of x-ray micro-calorimeter data with pulse shape variation using principal component analysis YAN Daikang



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