Conference program

The LTD conference is the preferred meeting to present the latest results in detectors development, advanced applications and the status of the main scientific experiences using such devices.
Thirty years after the first LTD conference, this field of activities has known many progresses in the detector performances, fabrication techniques for large arrays, readout electronics and so on.
The program try to address both the young researchers looking for an introduction to the subject and researchers needing more advanced exchanges with their colleagues.
Tutorial talks are given during the first day. Specialized plenary sessions contain both review talks given by invited speakers and oral contributions selected by the scientific committee. Since discussions are mandatory to enhance scientific exchanges, several poster sessions will be proposed.
This LTD edition will propose for the first time a ’special poster session’, giving the opportunity to present the poster more appropriately in a short oral talk (5 min spot) and less formal compared to plenary interventions. In order to give the opportunity to present a wider number of subjects, the ‘special poster session’ will be organized in 4 parallel rooms and be held on Wednesday morning (11h-12h30).
Each participant has the possibility to apply for an oral presentation either in the plenary sessions or in the special poster slot.


Turorial talks on low temperature physics
Session on sensors physics
Session on detection techniques & readout electronics
Session on applications :
  • mm & submm astronomy
  • X-Rays, visible, NIR & Gamma applications
  • Material analysis and life science
  • Particles and nuclear physics, cryogenics

Conference Program

Click here for a detailed PDF version (last updated: 23rd July, 2015). 

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