General information

The proceedings of LTD-16 will be published as a Special Issue of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics and available online. You will have the possibility to order a hardcopy at the conference desk.

Manuscript preparation

The manuscripts should be submitted as LaTeX (RevTeX) or as Microsoft Word files.

Papers should not exceed 6 pages for contributed oral and poster presentations or 12 pages for invited presentations. Front matter, figures and references are included in these page limits.

Please use the following documents as a template in preparing your manuscripts. Also, please note that all LaTeX images must be in postscript format.

LaTeX template (New template - 6th July 2015)

• Word template (New template - 6th July 2015)

If you have questions, please check the Instructions for Authors (found here along the right side of the page, under "for authors and editors") at the Journal of Low Temperature Physics website. If you still have questions, email us at

Regarding images: The templates above include examples of figures that will satisfy the standards of the Journal. Figures in color will be published at JLTP online at no charge. Authors should end the caption of each colored figure with (color figure online). However, by default figures will be printed as grayscale for the JLTP hard copy issue. Upon request, figures can also be printed in color in the hard copy, at extra costs to the authors.

Manuscript submission

1. All manuscripts must be submitted using the JLTP editorial manager website at

2. Choose "login" from the menu at the top of that page.

3. If you have an existing account (if you’ve ever published or reviewed for JLTP), please log in with your existing username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, choose "send user-name / password" and a password reset will be mailed to you. If you have never before had an JLTP account, select "register now" and create an account.

4. After you’ve logged into the JLTP site, select the "submit a new manuscript" link. If you have also been asked to review a manuscript, you may have to select "Role: Author" or "Role: Reviewer" at the top right to view the applicable menus.

5. Under "Choose article type" you MUST select "S. I.: LTD16"

6. Under "Select classifications:" choose at least one appropriate category

7. In the "Enter Comments" section, please include the following sentence:
"Article belongs to Special issue LTD-16 - Section N" where N
is the appropriate category from the list below:


 I. Transition Edge Sensors
II. Kinetic inductance detectors & resonators
III. Tunnel junction & nanowires
IV. Other & Novel devices
V. Microcalorimeters, bolometers, pair-breaking detectors
VI. Macrobolometers
VII. Magnetic calorimeters
VIII. Readout electronics & signal processing
IX. mm-wave devices at low temperature
X. Cryogenics for LTDs
XI. Fabrication techniques
XII. Applications & Outreach
XIII. X-Rays, Visible, NIR & Gamma applications
XIV. mm&submm astronomy
XV. Material analysis and life science
XVI. Dark matter, neutrinos and rare event search
XVII. Particles and nuclear physics

8. In the "Suggest reviewers" category:
Please provide the names and email addresses of FOUR people who you feel are qualified to review this paper.
Please do not include co-authors or members of your research group.
Selecting other LTD attendees from related sessions is encouraged.

9. Upload your manuscript.
You must upload the manuscript source file (TeX, or Word), not a PDF, and all attachments. Once all files are uploaded, choose the "build PDF for my approval" and the website will compile your document.

10. After a few minutes, you will be able to preview the completed document. A link will be emailed to you, and your submission will appear under the "submissions waiting for approval" category in the authors homepage. Use the "action links-> view submission" page to check that the document has been correctly compiled.

11. When you are ready to submit your document, choose the "action links-> approve submission" to send your document to the editors for review.


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